Dirty referee


The Baltic countries cartoonists exhibition in Kaunas

The Baltic countries, as well as Polish and Russian cartoonists exhibition in Kaunas, in the gallery “Balta” M.Valančiaus g. 21.
Opening September 5, 17.00, but the exhibition will be open from 1st until September 15. Each cartoonist participate in this exhibition with 10 works.


I joined The Cartoon Movement


Snowmen cartoons


Board Game, Turiba University

This unique board game was specially designed for Turiba University’s 20th anniversary as a gift for special guests- sponsors, current staff, students, and alumni. The game includes historic facts from the University’s rich history. As an artist, I used my creativity to make this game like no other.


Curious questions about money

Educational animation about money for 1st to 4th class students.

Client: The Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia
Artist, animator: Gatis Šļūka

Sound director: Andris Indāns
In Collaboration with Eko Media

Tools: Wacom Intuos, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Curious questions about money (Ziņkārīgi jautājumi par naudu) from Gatis Šļūka on Vimeo.


How the euro works in business

Seventh of eight stories about euro. 
Animation movie for 7th to 9th grade students.

In Collaboration with Eko Media and Video Aģentūra
Artist, director: Gatis Šļūka

Animator: Gatis Kurzemnieks

Sound director: Andris Indāns

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Eiro uzņēmējdarbībā from Gatis Šļūka on Vimeo.


Exhibition World Press Cartoon 2013

World Press Cartoon 2013 exhibition is open to the public until the 30th of June in Portugal, Sintra, Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval. This is a worldwide selection of caricatures, cartoons and humorous drawings. My cartoon also between them.

Cartoon gallery of exhibition: worldpresscartoon.com

Buy catalogue of exhibition: leyaonline.com


Congratulation of Witraktor

Animation: Gatis Šļūka
Client: Witraktor SIA (Official CATERPILLAR dealer in Latvia)
Tools: Wacom Intuos, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
This animation is congratulation of Witraktor SIA to their clients.

Congratulation of Witraktor from Gatis Šļūka on Vimeo.


Cartoon making